Tinder Encourages Verification for Safer Internet Day

February 6, 2024 6:47 pm in by

This Safer Internet Day, Tinder is encouraging Aussies to get fully verified and help confirm the authenticity of their profiles. According to Tinder’s Future of Dating Report, authenticity is an important aspect of dating, with more than 50% of users looking for authenticity. Almost 40% of global profiles are verified and global users aged 18-25 who are Photo Verified have a 10% higher chance to get a match.

The company is also rolling out in-app notifications to Aussie users to encourage unverified singletons to get their profiles verified. The data shows that Aussies can be pretty serious about it with 69% of users under 30 in Australia are interested in seeing verified profiles and 45% of Aussies say they’ve used Photo Verification with one in four saying they will only match with someone that has also been verified. Australian users who are video selfie verified receive 64% more matches than those who are not verified and those who are ID +Photo Verified receive 67% more matches than those who are not verified.

Both ID + Photo Verification are available to users in Australia. The enhanced Photo Verification
feature requires a series of video selfie prompts, while ID Verification uses a valid Driver’s
License or Passport to check whether the face in the video selfie matches both the photo on the
ID as well as the person’s profile photos, and also checks the user’s age. Once both steps are
complete, users receive their official blue checkmark and can claim to be a verified interesting

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Just follow these steps to become a Tinder verified interesting person.

  1. Click to tick: In your profile settings, tap on the outlined photo or ID image, next to your
    name and age, and then on the ID + Photo Verification pop-up to start the verification
  2. Mapping the mug: Remove any hats, sunglasses, and face coverings before following the
    prompts to take your video selfie and verify your profile photos.
    Tip: Make sure you’re in a well-lit space so the camera can capture all your features, but
    avoid any harsh glare and backlighting. If your photos are already verified, you will be
    able to skip this step!
  3. IDing the ID: Once Photo Verified, follow the prompts to upload a government-approved
    ID, i.e. your driver’s licence or passport. The tool will then focus on both age and likeness
    to check the photo on the ID matches the face in the Photo Verification feature and your
    profile photos, and also check your date of birth.
  4. And voila – blue checkmark and verified interesting person status secured!

Kirsty Dunn, Tinder Communications Director, said “Authenticity is hugely important when it
comes to dating, so what better way to put your authentic self forward than by having a fully
verified profile. From our insights, we know that verification is one of the most valued safety
features for Tinder users, and it also increases your chances of getting a match. So, we
encourage all Aussies to get their profiles both ID + Photo Verified and put their best self forward
for the year ahead.”

Over the past years, Tinder has been focusing on user safety with the development of 20
safety features and updates to enhance user experience, whilst raising the bar on safety.

Date safe people.

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