Star Signs Most Likely to be Serial Killers

October 6, 2022 3:01 pm in by
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Have you ever been deep in a conversation with a friend about whether you’re compatible with your crush based on your star signs or the type that blames your flaws on your star sign? That’s totally not me.

Well, here’s another topic of discussion for you, who is most likely to be a serial killer based on your star sign!

Lauren Elaine Skirvin posted a video on her TikTok account @whydontyoubitchaboutit delving into what star signs serial killers are and she discovered that there are similarities between a lot of serial killers.

Prepare to be shocked people because here are the results.

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According to the video, people with the star signs Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini and Virgo are the most likely to become serial killers.

The Astrology fan base has gone nuts for this video, liking it 770,000+ times and over 36,000 comments, some admitting that they’re not that surprised at the results knowing someone who is one of those star signs.

Based on this list, it’s not good news for the Virgos out there, with them being the most likely to be a serial killer followed closely by your not so friendly Gemini friends who share their star sign with non other than Jeffery Dahmer.

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Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is interviewed at Columbia Correctional Facility in Portage, Wisc., Jan. 12, 1993 for the syndicated television show “Inside Edition.” Dahmer, who is serving a life sentence for the murders of more than a dozen young men and boys in Milwaukee, said he killed, dismembered and ate parts of his victims’ bodies “not because I hated them, but to keep them with me.” (AP Photo)

Another fascinating factor is that the four star signs are all ‘mutable signs’ and for all you non-astrology buffs out there that means that, they fall at the end of each season and according to astrologists they all share similar traits.