Guy Sebastian dishes out relationship advice

Guy Sebastian - Get Along Launceston


Guy Sebastian has given a bit of insight into his marriage with long-term partner Jules Sebastian.

The couple first got together in 1999, but Guy admits he was a "rubbish boyfriend" and "never there" when they were first dating - he confessed he "was not a gentleman" and would prioritise music and sport.

Guy says their arguments are now based around how messy he is and that he "gets offended" by it.

"She sent me a message the other day saying, 'the house is so clean. I’ve just cleaned everything. When you come home can you just not leave a trail…'", Guy said.

Guy has dished out his best relationship advice, basically saying to stick it out.

"I use this leaky boat analogy all the time, just because of how wise I am. We’re all really on leaky boats aren’t we? I think there’s holes in every boat; a relationship is a leaky boat and you either decide to get down there and you patch them, and you keep going – you stay afloat… but people tend to jump ship very easily."

My handsome love.

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