Daryl Braithwaite joins the Random 30 for a chat

ARIA Hall of Fame inductee, Australian legend Daryl Braithwaite pleasantly surprises with ‘Love Songs’ out 5 June! With an incredible back-catalogue and countless resulting accolades under his belt, including a #1 ARIA Album and #1 ARIA single, the Australian icon will send you rocking back on your heels with his new modern classic. Written by the Grammy-nominated Australian Michael Fatkin, and Los Angeles-based writers Rozzi Crane and Charlie Synder. Frontman and vocalist for 1970’s band Sherbet, Braithwaite rode a wave of local and international success with songs such as ‘Howzat’, and ‘Summer Love’. In 2020 Daryl Braithwaite joined a host of local and international artists to perform at Fire Fight Australia, Concert for National Bushfire Relief in front of an audience in excess of 70,000 at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium.