Full name

Jonathan Daniel Skewes

Place of Birth

Loxton (Don't hold it against me)

Something you wouldn’t tell a first date?

How long it takes to wash my hair

Most Awkward Moment?

Not one single moment, but ever time the waiter says 'Enjoy your meal' and I say 'Thanks, you too.'

Something your parents don’t know about you?

How I DJ at the club, they've never been to one of my club gigs!

Favourite meal?

The classic safety meal at any pub - The Chicken Parmy!

Three things you’d take to a deserted island?

My phone, my phone charger and a massive generator

Three celebs you’d invite for dinner?

Diplo (for his production secrets), Hamish and Andy (just because they are legends!)

Hall pass?

The Queen Of England

Favourite place in the world:

The Studio! I don't get out much...

Most trouble you’ve ever been in?

When I was younger, just moved into a brand new house, my brother and I were wrestling and I put him

through the wall in the hallway. Dad was not impressed.