Samsung's folding phone revealed

Yeah they did!

But why you ask? Nobody asked for it, nobody really needs it, hardly anyone will actually buy it...

Why? BECAUSE THEY CAN. That's why. Samsung just likes to flex its muscles every now and then, just to show every other telecommunications company in the world who's (still) boss.

ICYMI - Samsung launched the "Galaxy Fold" yesterday, along with 4 new Galaxy S models - The S10, S10+, S10e and S10 5G to cater for the imminent worldwide rollout of 5G infrastructure.

The new S range includes an ultra-wide camera, ultrasonic fingerprint reader under the front screen, wireless powershare (meaning you can charge your wearables or even someone else's phone with yours), and it's still got a HEADPHONE PORT!

The launch event went for WAY too long (over 3 hours), so the legends at The Verge have compressed it all into 11 minutes - and it basically covers just as much as the 3 hour version.

The S10 range is out for pre-order (I know because I already have... Oops), and is officially released on March 8.

Until then, check out the best bits from the launch event below!