Devastating news for FRIENDS fans


Lisa Kudrow who played the character of Phoebe Buffay in the ’90s hit series, discussed the possibility of a reunion, only to reveal that it’s not going to happen.


The 53-year-old actress told Heat magazine, “I feel like I’m just constantly bursting that little bubble of hope, each and every time it’s asked,”
“It’s been 13 years, 13 years of the same question and right now, or in the future, it’s not going to happen. And every time I say that, I get yelled at.”

When asked why not she said, "What’s it going to be about? Really, how is it going to work? This is what everybody is forgetting.”


Kudrow also added that a new storyline just wouldn’t make sense to those familiar with the show.

“They no longer hang out at the coffee shop, they have all moved away,” she explained. “Chandler and Monica live upstate, Phoebe and Mike, probably the same. For what reason would there be for them all to come together for a significant amount of time? The setting, and that time of life, worked brilliantly for them.”

We still hold hope for a reunion, it’s okay to dream isn’t it?