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Rihanna's Cheeky Crotchless 'Open-Back' Leggings Are Raising Eyebrows

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Nudity warning! Rihanna’s new open-back leggings have caused a debate online with many people questioning the idea of ‘butt cleavage’. 

A TikTok user (@fathermarge) posted a video of the leggings which went viral and racked up over three million likes.

She captioned the video, “we need ANSWERS!!" She has since removed the video and made her page private. 


##stitch with @fathermarge ##buttcleave ##buttcleavage

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One TikTok user @sweet_thaang_ supported the idea of ‘butt cleavage’ saying:

“Can we normalise butt cleavage? Butt cleave is sexy, butt cleave is amazing, let’s normalise that.” 

Another user on Twitter expressed their disliking to the leggings saying:

"I love Rihanna, but these Fenty gym leggings are trashhhhhhh  One two deadlift/squat and people will see what you ate for lunch"

A review on the website gave it a five-star review: "A different kind of legging to wear under a dress for date night...when we get to have date nights again. These are the fun secret that only you will know they are open back and crotchless. Soft, comfortable, but they run maybe a half size bigger then usual when you want to order them. Full disclosure, I was gifted this item in exchange for my honest review."

The leggings in question are on the SAVAGE X FENTY website and are called 'Soft Mesh Open-Back Crotchless Leggings’. 

Leaving little to the imagination, the risqué leggings are made for 'the cozy night in.' The description on their website says: "Our Soft Mesh Open-Back Crotchless Legging features sheer soft mesh fabric that provides a comfortable fit and an open strappy back for a playful surprise."

The leggings also come in black and there is also a range of open-back items available. They retail for $68.77 (AUD). Will you get behind them?

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