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Weeknights from 10pm, join Matthew Garwood as he showcases some of the best and brightest Aussie artists coming up thorugh our music scene.

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Hailing from a small island off the coast of Antarctica, Matthew is an award-winning actor/musician born and raised in Launceston, Tasmania.

After studying musical theatre and working professionally in Melbourne, Matthew found national and international profile teaming up with Ricky Martin on The Voice Season 3 and was one of only nine contestants invited back as an All Star for The Voice Season 8. Being signed to Universal Music, Matthew now travels Australia performing as well as working in TV and Radio.

Being heavily tattooed has opened more doors than it has closed with Matthew walking red carpets alongside the likes of Katy Perry, One Direction, INXS and working with everyone from Miss Universe’s Jennifer Hawkins to The Wiggles.