Rachel Costanzo - new music

Bringing together her love for songwriting and DJing, Rachel Costanzo is back with a new single "Make it Alright". She joined us on OzMade to chat all about it - catch up here:  

OzMade Unsigned Find - MDRN Love

MDRN Love have a new EP on the way - the first taste of it is "Turn Me On". Jack joined sarahd on OzMade to chat about some upcoming tour dates, and the release of the new EP.  

empire park. interview

empire park. have based themselves in Melbourne, relocating from Hobart to pursue more opportunities for the band and music. Harrison joined us on OzMade to chat about the move, the new single, and what's to come for empire park.

The Heartache State - Interview

Nick Barker has spent many years working in music, but his latest project has reignited his love for music. Last of the Buffalo is the second album from The Heartache State - Nick joined us on OzMade to chat about the new album.  

Unsigned Find - ACOLYTE

 Acolyte has just launched an epic video clip for their latest single Space & Time. Morgan joined us on OzMade to talk about her musical background, and some of the exciting things coming up for the band.