OzMade Unsigned Find - This Thursday

Join us Thursday nights, for our #OzMadeUnsignedFind. This week we catch up with The Sea Birds about their debut album, and latest single "Heavenly Skies", as well as Irish-born, Aus-based Rossa, who we caught up with earlier in the year about "Shelter" - we'll have his new single "Shaker" on the show for you...

OzMade Catch Up

On Thursday nights we introduce you to our #OzMadeUnsignedFind - this week Melody Moko and Anna Farquhar will be joining us. If you do want to catch up with some of our OzMade special guests, make sure you check into our OzMade podcasts here. Here are some of our recent guests:

Andy Van talks "Who the Hell Are You 2017"

Andy Van is pretty happy with how things are going in the charts - not only with his Who the Hell Are You 2017 release, but his other project Vandalism is in the dance charts too. He caught up with us on OzMade - catch up here:  

Cub Sport release new album BATS

Cub Sport have just released their second album BATS, and apparently already hard at work on the follow up. We caught up with Tim on OzMade to chat about the excitement surrounding his recent engagement, and being on tour with The 1975 in Australia.