Mask Karen's are in full force

What would you call a collective of Karen’s? A conference?? No, how about Salon? YES, this article is a Salon of Karen’s

It seems like self-entitled middle aged women don’t like wearing mask, and don’t like being told to wear masks.

Making headlines at the moment is “Bunning’s Karen” after she was asked to wear a mask in a Bunning’s store since I was a condition of entry.

If you haven’t seen it yet check it out.

This didn’t end well for this Karen, the police getting involved.

Also followed by her getting arrested.

This voice seems quite similar to the one in the previous video, is it the same Karen? Is she a lawyer? Seems like she knows a lot about the law.

This Karen seems to think being arrested is “Armed kidnapping” and if you do not consent to the arrest you can sue the police officer for exactly $60,000.

Boy oh, Boy these Karen’s sure know their stuff.