Kid Cudi and Kanye West make a Cartoon

2020 was the year that Kanye West was running for president, alas that did not happen, but we still get more of Kanye as he is now going to be in a animated TV series along side Kid Cudi.

West and Cudi’s calibration “Kids See Ghosts” that is been a strictly musical partnership, up until now with a number of songs and even an album released under the Kids See Ghosts title.

Now Kids See Ghost is becoming a animated Series and it looks wild and whacky. With Kanye’s iconic Dropout Bear being renamed Kanye Bear and Kid Cudi becoming Kid Fox.

The voice acting in the trailer is a little strange; it seems to just be a bunch of “Whoa” and mumbling. With Kanye’s Bear not really doing any talking at all.

As Weird and odd as this Trailer looks, im a little excited to know more about the story and if these characters will actually talk.