Will we see robots in zoos?

Robots are doing lots of amazing things these days, and capable of doing almost any job these days, even ones not done by humans.

I’m talking about Animatronics, the use of robotic puppets in things like theme parks, exhibitions, and shows.

Edge Innovation in San Francisco has taken this idea to the next level, with a new a brand new RDU or Robotic Dolphin unit, an idea that was first used by Disney around 20 years ago.

Impressive for a robot from the late 90’s

This new RDU has taken it to the next level with 20 year of technological advancement this new RDU could very easily be mistaken for the real thing.

Edge Oceanarium Prototype from Edge Innovations on Vimeo.

Will we start seeing things like robots replacing the Dolphins in SeaWorld soon?

Who knows?