E3 Livestreams

 If this were any other year we would be talking all things gaming as this is the time of the year that E3 would be on in the USA, we would get lots of new gaming news and info the share with you all.

Lucky for us we have this amazing thing called the Internet and gaming company’s are making use if it with online presentations.

We got our first taste of this last week with Sony’s Future of gaming presentations. Although this was not an official 3E Stream it was stil a good taste of what is to come.

The first E3 Stream was air on Friday with the EA play 2020 stream.

We also seen a VR stream earlier on the week

This was just a taste of what is come with many more streams planned in the coming weeks, here is what is to come:

New Game + expo 2020 Tuesday June 23rd

Marvels Avengers Stream – Wednesday June 24th

Cyberpunk 2077 – Thursday June 25th

Ubisoft E3 2020 – Saturday July 12th

Not your regular fan fair that comes with E3 but we still get to see some amazing content over the next few weeks.