PlayStation 5 has a release window

Its only been 6 years since the PlayStation 4 first hit the shelves around the world Now we have fresh news on the next generation of gaming consoles was released last night.

New news of the PlayStation5 or PS5 was announced last night, with a release window and new information on the new systems gaming controllers.

It looks like it may be an expensive Christmas next year for many parents, as the new Gen hardware will be releasing in the “2020 Holidays”

Lets get a little geeky and dive into some Hardware specs of the latest news. The PS5 is going to have an SSD, (Solid State Drive) this means faster loading times.

We also know the new console will support Ray-Tracing, and advanced graphics technique that follows the path of light and how it reflects off objects to create very realistic lighting and shading.

We also got some brand new info on what cool new feature the PS5’s new controller would have. The L2 and R2 new seem to be Adaptive Triggers, that apply different amounts of resistance to the button depending on what you are playing. For example the trigger button will feel different when you are playing call of duty to when you’re playing need for speed.

The motion and rumble has also been refined with Haptic Feedback that will have more refined rumble and feedback from the controller.

It will also announced in April that the new PS5 will be Backwards compatible with all PS4 games.