Moon Landing Anniversary

This Saturday will mark the anniversary of the first time we landed on the moon, and the Intetrnet is a buzz with Moon landing fever.

It was on this day 50 Year ago, Applo 11 took off for its Trip to the moon that is 363.000Km away. With its 3 man crew Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin.


It's hard to believe that the Apollo Lunar Module, dubbed the Eagle. Laned on the moon with a guidence system that is a million times slower then the phones we now carry in our pockets.

The trip took over 8 days and covered a distance of around 1,533,791Km's with the crew safely landing in the Pacific Ocean.

I'm sure most people would recall Neil Armstrong's famous words when stepping foot on the moon. "One small step for a man one giant leap for mankind." Mr Armstrong wasn't the only person to step foot on the moon that day, Buzz Aldrin also going where no man has gone before. with Poor Michael Collins staying onboard the space craft to make sure everything ran smoothly.

There have been other Applo missions to the moon since, but no Human has set foot on the moon in over 40 years.