More Hanging around with Ninja Luke

Australian Ninja Worrior kicked off season 3 this week, and Scudda and Maddie had a chat with S.A's own 2 time Finaliest Luke aka Luke Williams AKA Ninja Luke.

The guys only got to scratch the surface with Luke, So i thought I'd take the time to chat with him and dive a little deeper.

Hailing for a background in both Construction and the Australian Defence Force. Going from a top teir, Award winning Tradie to the Army. Its safe to say the Mr. Williams always had the Grit and determination perfect for Ninja, and other events like it.

Almost 5 years ago, after leaving the Army, Ninja Luke began his new project, that would become Australia's largest indoor Obstacle facility and home ground to the S.A. Ninja's  called SA Base Camp.

Base Camp situated Close to Port Road in the North West of Adelaide offers a HUGE range of facilities not limied to, Kids ninja course, Adult Obstacle course, Fitness Classes, Yoga, and a fully functional GYM.

Luke has chosen not to take part in this years Australian Ninja Warrior, insetead haeding overseas to compete in the Ninja world championships held in Minnesota on the next month. If successful, a trip to Russia in September could cement his position in the first OCR/Ninja team for the Olympics in Tokyo 2020.

Luke says that Ninja has had a massive growth as a sport over the past 3 years, but in fact we are just very late at joining the sport here down under, it started in Japan approx 22 years ago and it was called sasuke, after its success it was copied in America and re named America Ninja Warrior it has been in America for approximately 12 years.

If people are interested in taking part in Ninja as a sport, events are held at SA Base Camp once as Month. SA Base Camp host 3 different types of ninja warrior comps 2 that are actual leagues and are an international level comp/qualifier the first is the "UNAA" and "NCL both international standards", then They host their own in house comps for kids and Adults once a month at Base Camp these comps go by the name of "A.N.A.S Australian Ninja All Stars". SA Base Camp is the only official home of ninja in Adelaide.LukeWilliams_Heat.jpg

When talking to Scudda and Maddie, Luke said he quite often come to the riverland to do events.

Here is what he had to say:

"I am happy to say that every year I look forward to heading up to the river land to compete in the pro division at the Dirt Wars event that is hosted at Love Day 4x4 track, the course is approx 10km long with an abundance of obstacles and every year Tony the owner of the park just keeps adding  more, Its a very unique race and that is why I keep coming back, its what we would call a runners course some events are more obstacle based but this event is for the runners not saying the obstacles are not difficult many a times even the most simplest of obstacles such as running through tires I am cursing Tony's name as I am running out of puff yep Tony's put a few more tires in the way. I always have a laugh with him when I finish the race an mention those bloody tires... The two things I like about the Dirt Wars events the most I must say is its great for those just getting into the sport and want to give it a go,as it has a nice relaxed atmosphere and you don't need to cut off your left arm to afford a ticket to race. the second thing I like is it also caters for the more serious competitors the Pro division with the change of a few rules and good old fashion honesty when racing the course it becomes a beast that always makes me work my ass off.

Full marks to Tony & his team for making this work for all levels of fitness and affordable for everyone."
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