UberEats to test using Drones

Uber, UberEats, UberAir... now UberDrone. 

The Ride sharing giant is about to begin to test using drones to deliver UberEats meals to customers in the USA in the coming months. After the aviation authority of San Diago gave the green light to start the trial.

The Trial will begin with just Macca's and expand to other Restaurants on the near future.

Although customers  won't be having Drones land on their door steps just yet. As Drones will only be used for part of the UberEats delivery. Drones will be loaded with a meal from a restaurant and then transported to a set drop of point where a regular UberEats Driver will complete the delivery.

It is unknown if they plan to make full deliveries with the Drones in the future or its all just a big gimmick for publicity.21100823631_0bbe648ca8_z.jpg