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Get a lift home with Galey, Emily Jade and Christo, on weekdays from 4 pm.

Always informative and accidentally entertaining, Galey, Emily Jade & Christo are real people sharing their real lives on the radio every day, while they've got each other’s backs, they're not afraid of calling each other out and don't take anything too seriously.

You might recognise Emily Jade from presenting television weather reports and kids shows, she appeared regularly on NRL The Footy Show and spent five years as the Queensland correspondent for Mornings with Kerri-Anne.

Galey's a radio legend, he'll make you laugh, he'll make you cry of laughter. Like the time he went all out to be part of a Sunday Brunch Drag Show, he'll tell you he was challenged but we know he just wanted to show off his great pins.

Christo has been in radio for ages and along the way has spoken to everyone imaginable from Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Justin Bieber, Hugh Jackman, Elton John, Rihanna and everyone else he wants to name drop. As punishment, he’s now forced to hang out with these two every afternoon.