New Netflix Feature Solves Its Biggest Problem

One of Netflix’s greatest features is also one of its biggest problems.

A library of thousands of titles available on demand at any time is great, right up until it leads to choice paralysis – the phenomenon of having so many options picking just one and being content with it becomes impossible.

But now Netflix may have a solution.

They’ve started trialing a new “Play Something” feature which randomly plays content based on what you’ve previously watched and saved on your list.

Ironically, it’s very similar to the way we used to watch free-to-air TV but if it solves the never ending scroll then I’m all for it!

The global trial is only available to some subscribers at this stage, and only on the Netflix app on smart TVs.

To check if you’ve got it, open the Netflix app on your TV and look for a “Shuffle Play” icon on the home screen of your profile.