'Tiger King' Zoo Closes Permanently

Joe Exotic (Santa Rose County Jail)

Joe Exotic's Old Zoo - the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park - has closed to the public after the United States Department of Agriculture suspended new owner Jeff Lowe's exhibitor license.

Jeff Lowe hit the Facebook page, writing: “Doesn’t this look like a voluntary forfeiture? I no longer want to exhibit animals to the public.

“We have been contemplating this for weeks. I will still allow my lawyers to prove the USDA is dead wrong. And BTW, the USDA didn’t take my license. They issued a 21 days suspension. Day 22, I could open right back up if I wanted. I don’t want to. The animals are now in private hands and will remain in private hands.”

In May, another 'Tiger King' face, Carole Baskin, was granted ownership of the zoo after a judge ruled that its previous owner Joe Exotic – currently serving a 22-year prison term for crimes including a plot to kill Baskin – had fraudulently transferred ownership prior to Lowe taking over.

And the great Tiger King saga continues.

What a mess.

Season 2 anyone?

Picture: State of Florida / Public domain

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