British Man's Way Of Eating Vegemite Has Shocked Us All!

Okay so Vegemite is an acquired taste, but us Aussies know what we're doing when it comes to enjoying Vegemite. Sadly for one Brit and his mum, they had no idea.

TikTok user Ryan Coates and his mother (from Britain) like to make videos, but one video has caught the eye (and disgust) of many Aussies.

The pair's latest video is all about them eating various Aussie snacks, ranging from Fantales to Redskins to Tim Tams and more.

But when it came to them trying Vegemite, well, Aussies were up in arms over that.

There was no toast in sight, no bread even, and what about some crackers? Nup, nothing!

Instead they put the Vegemite on a spoon to try it, and the look on their faces said it all!


Aussie snacks with me Mam part 3 🇦🇺 ##foryou ##mam ##coatesycrew ##aussiesnacks

♬ original sound - coatesy95

Some of the comments from Aussies included:

Vegemite straight off a spoon. I love vegemite and still wouldn’t do that
Nooo why would you put vegemite on a spoon!!!
Why oh why?? please try the vegemite again on toast with butter and a thin layer of vegemite

Maybe they should have watched one of our old adds to get inspiration on how to eat Vegemite.

Here's some of their other videos of them trying out snacks from Oz:


Aussie snacks with me Mam part 2 🇦🇺 ##foryou ##coatesycrew ##mam ##aussiesnacks

♬ original sound - coatesy95

Aussie snacks with me Mam 🇦🇺 part 1 of 3 (TIM TAMS 🤤) ##foryou ##coatesycrew ##mam ##aussiesnacks

♬ original sound - coatesy95