Blast from the Past: 5A

 Over the past few days we've been reminscing in the Magic offices about TV back in the day - more particularly, good old 5A.

RTS-5A went on air back on the 26th of November 1976 - and ran under the name until 2000.

Here at Magic - we still remember the old jingles (some of us can sing them start to finish), and we've even found some dug up footage from back in the day - take a look, there are some familiar faces!

A sign off from back in the day!

It's 21st Birthday Celebrations!

A whole bunch of commercials from the 80s (with some familiar names and faces!)

A documentary about the opening of the Berri Bridge in 1997

And the local news from back in 99!

Unfortunately we can't find any epsiodes of the much requested "At Home" - but we'll keep looking!