Big Brother Aus Stars Are Selling Personalised Video Messages For Fans

Missing Big Brother Australia on your tv screens? Well maybe this will cheer you up.
You can now pay to get a special message from some of the contestants.
There is a website called Cameo and it's where some of the contestants can send personalised video messages to you online.
It doesn't seem that pricey either, you can pay $5 for one, $10 for another, and depending on the star, can go up to $60 (no doubt some are more expensive).
The first two to jump on board were Sophie Budack and Kieran Davidson.

Kieran has also launched his own set of merchandise.

There are plenty of Big Brother stars, even the winner Chad Hurst is there and stacks of others at Cameo so why not check it out and organise a special message for either yourself or someone you love today!

Just don't ask Kieran for any driving tips!