TikTok Frozen Cereal Idea Has Become Quite Popular

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There's a new way to enjoy breakfast cereal, and it involves a bowl of cereal and a freezer!

One user on TikTok has come up with a way to make breaky eating more exciting (apparently) and all you have to do is:

  • Pour a bowl of owl cereal
  • Place it in the freezer
  • Leave it in there for a period of time (some say overnight but no one really knows exactly how long, it seems it is up to you and just how hungry you really are)
  • Once you think it’s cold enough, take the bowl out and pour milk in, and off you go

Seems the cold bowl and cold crunchy cereal together makes for a better tasting breakfast.

Cheerios has been the most popular choice for this. Check out the TikTok videos:


my favorite food is cereal, so i had to try this😩‼️ ##fyp

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and if mf was 🤤 ##fyp ##cerealhack ##cereal ##honeynutcheerios ##oatmilk ##yummy ##lifehack

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##cerealhack ##freezercereal ##frozencereal

♬ original sound - maxincoolin

Well they say proof is in the pudding, so why not try it with your favourite cereal and let me know how it goes.

Please note, if you suffer from cold sensitivity, you might want to steer clear of this.

Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay