Prosecco ATM Pops Up In London


The "Bank of Bubbles" has been installed in London to celebrate the new opening of a wine bar.

Vagabond, the bar in question, decided to celebrate their opening with a nod to their previous tenants: a bank. How fitting?


The Automated Prosecco Machine (or APM) has colour coordinated the bubbles it dispenses - yellow, to match the bright yellow "Vagabond" box.

If bubbles offend your palate, not to fear - they house over 160 wines and 10 self-pour craft beers.

In fact, they've gone so far as to start to petition the UK Government to turn ATMs into APMs.

Don't believe me?

Check out their petition here!

Will the Government respond to this request?

Check out the video here

Drink responsibly.

Photo source: Vagabond Wines Facebook

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