Airline Passenger Repeatedly 'Punched' Reclined Seat In Front

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Here's a debate for you, to recline or not to recline.

Wendi took to social media recently to show her dismay over the guy behind her, trying to force her to put her seat in the upright position on an air plane.

When she first reclined her seat, he punched it 9 times, that's when she started filming his behaviour, and he changed his method of bullying, and constantly pushed her seat.

Wendi even made a complaint to the flight attendant, who in turn, threatened to have her escorted off the plane and they gave the guy a complimentary drink.

She took it further and made a proper complaint with American Airlines, but apparently they told her to talk to the FBI.

Men in Black would solve this in a heartbeat with one flash from their Neuralizer.


But seriously why are there reclining seats on a plane if you can't recline? Many were divided over this issue:

 Image by Stela Di from Pixabay