Coffee Company Serving Coffee in Cask Form

Iced cold brew coffee

For those of us who measure their daily coffee consumption in litres rather than cups, this is a dream come true.

Melbourne specialty coffee company, Seven Seeds, is now serving coffee in cask form. The 4-litre goon sacks (to put it crassly) are filled with hot brew single origin coffee which is flash chilled before it’s packaged. The casks contain approximately 20 serves and have a shelf life of 3 months.

Riverland Winemaker Thomas Angove invented the first "bag in box" in 1965. The original pack was a flexible plastic bag inside a rigid corrugated cardboard box that allowed the wine to be poured off the top while the plastic then collapsed onto the wine - which revolutionised wine sales internationally. What a local legend!



The obvious next step is hooking that bad boy up to an intravenous drip!



Roland Tanglao [CC0]