RUMOUR: The Bachelor Winner Dumps Matt Agnew After Finale

 bachie finale

Spoiler Alert!

First there were reports that Bachelor Matt Agnew may pull a Blake and dump his winner for the runner up... now the reports say that isn't how it goes at all!

The latest rumour floating around is that fan favourite Chelsie McLeod wins the final rose during the finale episode on Thursday but that she is the one who has doubts.

New Idea reports that Chelsie might actually break up with Matt after she refused to play by the Bachelor rules and do any press with him.

“Chelsie has been really down since the show wrapped and now she has said she isn’t going to do any interviews,” a source told New Idea. “She doesn’t want anything to do with the franchise anymore, despite being under contractual obligations for months to come.”

“Since the finale, everyone has heard there’s been problem after problem – they were just not seeing eye-to-eye on anything and didn’t have any chemistry,”

“Once the cameras stopped rolling, the sparkle just wore off.”

So does Matt end up alone? Apparantly not so...

“Abbie went to Melbourne after the finale [finished filming] and since then she has started to behave really strangely,”

“She’s secretly confessed to the other girls that she has a man, but she keeps saying that while she wishes she could tell them more she just can’t.”

“Now everyone is wondering if the secret man is Matt.”

The Bachelor finale week kicks off tonight at 7:30pm on WIN