Matt Preston And Gary Mehigan in Talks with Channel 7


They all made a pact to stick together... but that might be on the backburner now!

The Daily Mail reports that the Seven Network is in talks with Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan, but have snubbed their offsider George Calombaris.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Seven West Media’s chief executive James Warburton has made his interest apparant - but only for signing Matt and Gary for a new series set to launch next year.

Neither of the two have confirmed the news, only saying that there has been interest in other opportunities.

“Lots of interest and discussions both within Australia and internationally but no deals have been done,” said Gary’s representative.

“International opportunities are our priority and there are a number of big international opportunities currently on the table,” said Matt’s rep.

It comes after all three judges left 10's Masterchef after a pay and contract dispute, and after George was embroiled in a legal battle for underpayment of staff.

Masterchef will return to 10 in 2020 with a new set of judges.