Australian Ninja Warrior Contestant Shock Disqualification

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Fans are furious over the tough rules on Australian Ninja Warrior after an “unfair” decision on last night's semi final saw a favourite contestant eliminated from the competition.

Check out what happened:

Her SHOE fell into the water! And apparantly that means.. disqualified, despite the fact she cleared the obstacle!

Even host Rebecca Maddern said the disqualification was “unfair".

During the qualifying rounds of Ninja Warrior, 39-year-old Trudie had finished 13th, and was a favourite to make it through the semi finals.

“Don’t make the mistake of thinking Trudie’s not a serious contender,” said co-host Ben Fordham

“It just seems so unfair, but the international Ninja rules are really clear about this,” said Bec Maddern.

Trudie, speaking on the sidelines after the disqualification said “I wanted this so bad. I had this course wrapped up, I was so focused. Far out, to finish like that, with a SHOE? I’m so shattered. I’m just so shattered.”

Twitter fired up as well.

Do you think the disqualification was unfair?


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