Top 10 Most Popular Disney Songs According to Spotify

Disney has teamed up with Spotify to launch an official hub where fans can stream all their favourite Disney songs.

The Disney Hub includes old gems from Disney classics and new versions created for recent live-action remakes.

The hub also ranks the most streamed songs at any given time. At the time of writing, these are the top ten most popular Disney songs:

10: Love is an open door – Frozen

9: Try everything – Zootopia

8: A whole new world – Aladdin

7: I’ll make a man out of you – Mulan

6: Do you want to build a snowman? – Frozen

5: You’ll be in my heart – Tarzan

4: Life is a highway – Cars

3: You’re welcome – Moana

2: How far I’ll go – Moana

1: Let it go – Frozen