Your favourite musos doing the Old Face Challenge

Sam Smith Lollapalooza 2015-5

It's the social media flavour of the month, so what do our favourite musos look like aged to 60 on FaceApp?   

For Sam Smith, well he's looking a little bit Graham Norton crossed with Alec Guiness in Star Wars.  

Drake has fake-aged well. 

 As for the Jonas Brothers, well it looks like Kevin is turning into Bill Murray... 

Okay, so the filter worked waaaaaaaaaaay too well on David Guetta... 

 Meanwhile, Daddy Yankee's already got the perfect tracksuit and glasses for when he's Grandpa Yankee. 

 And as for Little Dicky... he doesn't look too much different... 

 Iggy Azalea isn't too pleased with her results. 

 And here's Lil Nas X as Big Ol' Nas X. 

So there you go, a look into the future... and it doesn't look so bad!    

Image: Pistenwolf [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]