Lil Nas X gets a panini-making lesson from Gordon Ramsay while holding an axe

Gordon Ramsay meets Lil Nas X - this was always going to be interesting.  

Lil Nas X was in London recently promoting his new tune 'Panini', and while the tune has literally nothing to do with paninis, Nas tried to get celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to appear on the song's remix.

When that fell through, Nas set a slightly more achievable goal.. 

And it's happened! Ramsay invited Lil Nas X to his new London restuarant Lucky Cat for a lesson in sandwich making.

It's probably a good thing for Nas - as he admits, "I've never made a proper panini." Here's how it went down... 

And if you haven't heard it yet, here's Lil Nas X's tune 'Panini', interpolating the Nirvana classic 'In Bloom' and featuring on the rapper's debut EP '7'.