Drones To Deliver Uber Eats In The Future

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How do you feel about drones?

What about drones delivering your next meal?

Well soon it's a possibility. And it's all thanks to Uber Eats.

Uber Eats is planning to test drive a delivery drone, beginning with McDonald’s meals. The thing is you most likely won't ever see the drone, and this is why, you make the order, the drone sets off with the food attached, it flies to a designated location, where couriers take over.

They are hoping that in the future, drones may be able to land on top of a parked vehicle located near each delivery location. Uber wants this project to work because they believe it will decrease delivery times, and give customers more variety in their food choices.

Uber Eats will start their tests in San Diego next year, with plans for it to take off in 2023.