Americans say we're eating our meat pies wrong

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Are you willing to believe we've been eating pies wrong this whole time? I mean, it's basic Aussie tradition - the way to eat a pie is to hold it between your hands, crust up, take a bite and hope at least some of your taste buds aren't burnt by that delicious meat hand grenade.  Well popular US food website Eater has come out with a bold claim - there's a better way to eat pies. And honestly, I don't think it's going to catch on.  

 Okay, so before we completely hang them out to dry for flipping their pies, let's take a look at their arguments and point out where they're getting it wrong. 

 So Eater is making the assumption that a good pie is circular and sitting in foil. Guys, think outside the box for a second! Ditch the foil and know that any shape - circular, rectangular, cylindrical, other - is going to be delicious. Secondly, what's the fork doing here?  

 Okay, clearly Eater has never been standing in four degree weather at Eastern Oval with only a pie in a paper bag to keep you warm. If you flip your pie over in those conditions you're going to be wearing it. Apparently to eat a pie properly you need a plate, a fork and a mathematician.  

 I think the word 'upside down' is key to why Eater's argument doesn't work. If 'upside down' was the right way to eat a pie then it wouldn't be called upside down, it would be right side up. You don't roll up to the canteen and see all the pies in the pie warmer sitting on their heads. And if you did, you'd probably wouldn't buy one.  Anyway, I think we can find common ground in agreeing that pies are delicious. As for the way you eat them... let's stick to what we know best.