Presenter accidentally kisses Tour De Flanders Cyclist


It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this - it was only a kiss.

It was only a kiss.

Those are the words I can only imagine were going through the brain of VTR Radio Presenter, Linde Merckpoel, after she accidentally tongued one of the Tour De Flanders cyclists.

How does this happen, you wonder.

Well, ahead of Sunday's Tour De Flanders race, Linde interviewed a number of riders, including Stjin Steels. All seemed to be going like a normal interview, where general protocol is to not kiss your interviewee.

However all went horribly wrong at the last minute, and what was supposed to be a good luck peck turned into a "kiss-kiss", planting one right on Steels' lips.


To be fair, both took it in their stride - clearly both as shocked as the other.

With such a strong look, we're hoping he doesn't Stjin Steels your girl anytime soon.