Sam from MAFS is now a YouTuber, for some reason

Copy of sam mafs

10 weeks, 41 episodes and infinite bottles of red later - MAFS is FINALLY finished for another year. 

Last night we saw all the highs and lows of love in the show's finale, from which series 'villain' Sam Ball was inexplicably missing. Although we can't tell you WHY he was missing, we can tell you that he is definitely still trying to hold on to that vaguely dimming spotlight with the launch of a new YouTube channel. 

The Sydney-based tradie/reported wannabe actor is going by the name of Sam The Rogue, and last night shared a teaser for his first video "Sam The Rogue: Tyrannosaurus Wrecks". From the looks of the trailer, it seems like it's just video of Sam dressed as a dinosaur running around. Truly groundbreaking.  

Here is what Sam has to say about the video: "A little teaser of my first YouTube video finally launching now!!! It’s going to be a channel full of laughs and a reflection of my true self. I look forward to sharing the content with you all. Check out the link, please subscribe and I hope you enjoy Who knew dogs didn’t like Dinosaurs?"

IMAGE: Instagram @who_is_samm