Meet Knickers, the giant bovine


Photo: AP

Knickers is an extremely large bovine, a Holstein Friesian to be exact, and he's winning Australia's heart.

Standing at 1.94m tall, Knickers is almost the height of basketball great, Michael Jordan, and he weighs in at 1,400kg.

Knickers' owner, Geoff Pearson, says his size saved him from, well, going to the abattoir...

"Knickers can live out his days on the 3,000-acre property, home to 4,000 head of cattle, for whom he acts as a “coach” – showing them where to roam. He just hangs around, he’s part of the furniture,” Pearson sais.

“Obviously he’s gained some stardom – that’s changed his identity a little bit. We’ll have to see what happens with that.”