Same Sex Weddings Skyrocket Across the Country

love is love

Way back in December 2017 the law was changed to allow same sex couples to marry. 

Since that glorious moment in history almost 5,000 couples have gotten married! That's a lot of wedding cake. 

NSW had the most weddings, clocking up 1,552 ceremonies, closely followed by Victoria who had 1,268 weddings. 

Queensland came third, throwing what can only be assumed as 1,094 tropical same sex weddings. 

Western Australia was fourth with 423 weddings, followed by SA who threw a total of 312 ceremonies.

The ACT wasn't as loved up, with only 112 same sex weddings.

Tasmania was probably too cold to throw a big wedding, only 108 ceremonies were performed. The Northern Territory wasn't feeling the love, only clocking up 45 same sex weddings. (Probably too hot). 

The 2016 Australian Census showed there were 46,800 same-sex couples living together in Australia. This means over 10% of same-sex couples in Australia got married in the year since same-sex marriage became legal yay!