A Shrek Reboot is in the Works

It is happening, the rise of the reboots from your childhood, and Shrek is next on the list. 


Universal Pictures have confirmed a reboot of our favolurite Ogre is on the cards with Chris Meledandri, the guy behind Despicable Me, taking the reigns. 

He has been given the task of creating a new storyline for the characters which seems hard after everyone had ogre and dragon/donkey babies...

One thing that wont be changing though ar the original voice actors. Expect to be hearing Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Antonio Banderas and Cameron Diaz. 

There has been speculation about a fifth standalone Shrek film for years. In 2016 it was revealed that a script for a potential Shrek 5 had already been completed. 

However, this movie looks to be a clear break between the original saga and the reinvention. 

Stay tuned kiddos!