The Chaser Boys Advertise on the Sydney Opera House

It's the topic everyone is talking about this week, whether or not the iconic Sydney Opera House should be used for advertising. 

opera house

Our trusty PM ScoMo really wants to sell the space to advertisers, he says the Opera House sails are the "biggest billboards' in the city. 

There is currently 235,000-odd names on a petition calling for the plan to advertise The Everest Cup, a massive horse race, on the sails of the Sydney Opera House to be scrapped. 

The boys from the Chaser (a satirical news crew) have taken it upon themselves to put their own message onto the iconic building. 

the cahser

In a video below the team projected their messages onto several buildings around Sydney before turning to the Opera House and projecting radio host Alan Jones' personal phone number on the sails. 

Alan Jones previously criticised Sydney Opera House chief executive Louise Herron over her opposition to the planned Everest Cup projection. 

Take a look at how they went, what do you think?