Han Solo blaster sells for thousands at Hollywood auction


The "Hollywood Legends" memorabilia auction was held over the weekend, and there were some huge sales on a lot of unexpected items.

The auction involved everything from Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra Contract (US $2,580) to Marilyn Monroe's gown (US $35,200) and Austin Power's Corbin Sparrow Car (US $11,520).

But the highest selling item?

Han Solo's blaster from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi sold for a whopping $741,130 ($US550,000), which originally had an estimated worth of $402,931 to $671,552 ($US300,000 to $US500,000).



The blaster was from art director James L Schoppe's private collection, which also included an Ewok prop axe (which sold in the auction for $14,819 / $US11,000) and an Imperial Scout Trooper blaster (for $122,094 / $US90,625).

Museum chain Ripley’s Believe it or Not secured the winning bid.

You can browse the other auctioned items here.