Now at Woolies: 100% Vegan, Plant-Based Mince Meat

vegan mince 2

It's 2018 and the world of food is evolving. 

Enter the newest product on the shelves at Woolies: 100% Vegan, meat-free mince. 

It is an Australian first for the product created by Funky Fields and it apparently has the same structure, taste and cooking method of real meat. Made from select natural ingredients, it contains soya and wheat protein, beetroot, mushrooms, tomato and coconut oil. It looks like the real deal, too.

vegan mince

Health-wise, it packs the same amount of protein (18%) as beef mince, meaning it’ll fill you up for longer. The product’s fat content is just 10%, which is measly compared to beef mince (30%). And, it’s mostly made of vegetables and you can never have enough of those. 

The ethically sourced ingredients are awesome for the environment too, what's not to love? 

We'll give it a try and get back to you on how it complares to the real deal! 

Image Sources: Funky Fields