Did Cambridge Analytica get you?

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The Cambridge Analytica saga that has swept facebook and the internet as a whole, has led to a lot of people rethinking how and what they share online, even little things like your birthday, or where your kids go to school can reveal an awful lot about you.

Finally Facebook has released the tool to check if you had your data shared to Cambridge Analytica through the personality quiz app – thisisyourdigitallife.

The really scary thing with this scandal is that even if you yourself looked at it and thought, what’s this rubbish, but one of your facebook friends (totally the person you haven’t spoken to in 6 years but the Facebook still wants you to wish them a happy birthday) clicked on it, you’ve likely been scooped up.

The numbers are astounding. Over the ditch, it’s thought that 10 Kiwis used the app, which shared the data of 63,724 other users.

Here in Oz, it’s even worse.

An estimated 53 Australia’s took the quiz, which resulted in an alleged 311,127 users of the service had their info shared with Cambridge Analytica.

You can use this tool here to check if you’re a one of the lucky 311 thousand people.

It’s a timely reminder to re-evaluate your cyber security. From who can access your info, what information you're sharing with the big social networks, what apps are linked to Facebook, Google, and twitter – after all, your info is now the product for the multimillion dollar businesses.