Invest two minutes of your Tuesday watching Jason Statham fight a giant shark

Jason Statham vs. a giant shark? Yes please!

That's basically the entire plot of 'The Meg' (that and Jason Statham is meant to be some kind of scientist, which we aren't buying for a second) which has just released it's first trailer. Following in the wake of 'Rampage' (i.e. The Rock vs. a giant gorilla) it seems we can't get enough of monster movies right now. And as for 'The Meg', this trailer makes it look far from terrible.

For one thing, behind the camera is Jon Turteltaub, the bloke who exceeded our low expectations with 'National Treasure' and who back in the day directed 'Cool Runnings'. It's also been made for Imax, so even if the plot is B-movie bad, the visuals should be worth the admission ticket on their own.

August 10 is when the shark is being released on the world. Given Ruby Rose has a pretty prominent role, expect it to be on Aussie screens not long after.