Check out Australia's 2018 Eurovision song

Jessica Mauboy

This is it, Eurovision fans. We now officially know what song Australia will be entering to this year's competition in May and more importantly what it will sound like.

The singer is of course Jess Mauboy, whom we really have to thank for us being in Eurovision at all after her amazing interval performance back in 2014. The song has been a bit more heavily guarded, in fact the only reason we know what it is is because it was leaked onto YouTube earlier this week. When people are desperate to leak your song, it's a sign you're onto something good.

Taking control of the situation, Jess officially announced the name of the song and a snippet. The song's name is We Got Love, which is unimpressive and grammatically incorrect on its own. The snippet's the bit we're all here for.

And if you want to hear more, good news, the song is getting an official release today.