The first trailer's here for The Incredibles 2

It's been 13 long years since The Incredibles burst onto our screens. Back then, Spiderman 2 had just come out (you know, the one with Tobey Maguire - Andrew Garfied was still in acting school), we'd never heard of the Marvel or DC cinematic universes and The Incredibles was like nothing we'd ever seen before.

Since those innocent days, it's hard to believe that we've been bombarded with over 104 new superhero movies - and that doesn't make this news any less exciting. The first teaser trailer has been released for The Incredibles 2!

If you're expecting the characters to have aged in real time a la the Toy Story franchise, you'll be wrong. The Incredibles 2 looks set to take us back to '04 and pick up exactly where the first flick ended: with the discovery that baby Jack-Jack has superpowers - a lot of superpowers. Word is that the story's set to focus on Mr Incredible as a stay-at-home dad with Jack Jack while his wife Helen Parr aka Elastagirl gets the big adventure.

Brad Bird (The Simpsons, Ratatouille, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) is set to return as director and hopefully the voice of Edna Mole. Meanwhile the whole original cast are replrising their roles too. The flick is slated for release in June 2018 - by which point another 20 or so superhero movies will probably have come out.