High Tech Camping - James Bond style

As I trawl through various camping catalogues containing all the latest in high tech camping gadgetry I can’t help but reminisce about when camping was nothing more than a tent and a fire with your family. I mean I was a girl guide; I had to make do nothing more than some dental floss and a pack of matches… okay maybe I’m exaggerating slightly…

But honestly I do think that A LOT of all this new fang dangled equipment has taken away the true meaning of ‘roughing it’… but not all.

Some of the new technology is plain and simply just cool. Much of it makes camping a lot easier on the camping grounds so we don’t leave such big footprints after we’ve packed up and returned to the creature comforts of our cosy central heated homes.

First up, one of my family’s favourite camping doohickies would be the BioLite CampStove.

This puppy was brought to our attention by one of my uncles (who just so happens to be a nerdier version of Bear Grylls and a veteran Scout) who by his very nature is on a constant quest to advance the camping experience.

What’s cool about the BioLite CampStove is that the whole thing weighs less than one kilogram, and using sticks, pine cones and any other biomass you can lay your hands on to burn, can boil a litre of water in less than 5minutes AND can charge most USB-chargeable devices like your smartphones! It even comes with it’s own firelighter!

And then for Dad’s with kids who don’t handle the dark so well (or maybe even the Dad’s who mightn’t enjoy the dark too much either) the LuminAID Inflatable Light Bag is just awesome. The bag uses an integrated solar panel capable of illuminating your night for up to 10hours at full power. It’s great as an alternative to torches and gas lanterns, and best of all can also be used as a pillow.


So for this Father’s Day deck out your camping equipment with these two cool doodads – your weekend camping trips will never be the same again.

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