Bendigo man finds Gold Nug while walking dog

Ever tripped over something worth $35,000? Like LITERALLY tripped over it?

A Bendigo family were walking their dog "Lucky" (coincidence?) on Mother's Day morning, when the daughter tripped over something hard in the ground.

Upon closer inspection it turned out to be a GOLD NUGGET!

Naturally, they took it into the local IGA to weigh it, it came out to be 624 gram (or 20 ounces).

The man told the local paper “We’ve come on some tough times so it’s really good because we’ve been struggling financially. It couldn’t be better timing really,”

Well... Is there ever a BAD time to literally find 35 thousand bucks laying on the ground?!

The man said that the find has sparked the family's interest in the area where they made the discovery, “Usually when you find a nugget that big, there will be more gold around so hopefully that’s the case,”. 

BRB, off to Bendigo!